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Anti-slip coatings are designed to improve the frictional characteristics of a surface whether it be a factory floor, walkways, access steps or any area where there is an identified risk of a slip causing accident or injury.

Traditional preventative measures such as non-slip paints or tapes are quite simply non effective due to their in inability to retain the Ant-Slip aggregate, they are often a "quick fix" solution at best, and require constant repeat of the process resulting in unnecessary on going and expensive maintenance costs.

CheckerSafe is NOT A PAINT, but our own formula heavy duty thermoplastic with added aggregates, which is heat fused to the surface, resulting in a permanent waterproof and airtight bonded finish, which is quite simply EXTREMELY DURABLE, HIGHLY SLIP RESISTANT AND MORE VERSATILE than any other comparable product in todays market place.


CheckerSafe has been rigorously industry tested by SATRA & Thameside Laboratories for its Slip Resistance Values (SRV) with outstanding results for pedestrian, vehicular and fork lift truck traffic.

The tests conclude that the CheckerSafe slip resistance improves with wear due to the Anti-Slip aggregate being completely infused within the body of the product. Full test results available upon request.


CheckerSafe is odourless and non toxic. It is available in a wide range of colours, and is installed with the minimum of downtime and disruption to your normal routine, most surfaces are ready for normal use within 10 minutes of application.

CheckerSafe is totally unique in that one of the major benefits of the product is the ability to incorporate WITHIN the matrix numbers, letters, logos, advisory, directional and warning messages; in fact any bespoke signage to suit the various areas and applications.


CheckerSafe common uses include:

Fire Escapes and Access Steps I Loading Docks I Weighbridges I Dock Plates I Ramps and Pedestrian Walkways I Zebra Crossings I Metal and Concrete Staircases I Step Edges (DDA /Risk assessment compliance) I Steel Tiles I Ceramic Tiles I Tread Plates I Decking and other Wooden Surfaces - in fact any surface where a slip or skid issue exists.

Checkersafe is a member of the Thermapply Limited group of companies.

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